Terms & conditions

Global Research Hub

We strongly urge our students to read through the terms and conditions we have mentioned on our website. We will not be liable to any confusion on the part of the customers as we have clearly mentioned our terms and conditions here.

Our terms and conditions are regularly updated. We do not inform our customers before making any updates which is why we demand our customers to read through our terms and conditions each time they place an order.

Terminologies Used:

  • We, Us, Our-These words are used to refer to the team here at Global Research Hub.
  • Services, Help, Assistance-These words are used to refer to the help we give out to our students.
  • Customers, Students-These words point towards the people who connect with us in hopes to order our help with their academics.

We are available round the clock. Our customers can reach out to us whenever they need help. They can contact us using the on page chat box or call us on our number. Whichever way is fine with us.


All the content, be it written text or images available on this website is protected with copyright. Website visitors are prohibited to copy any content from the website and distribute it.


If you wish to link with us, you must make use of the homepage link. We are not associated with any other link therefore, students must refrain from linking us with other companies. We have no links with sites that publish obscene content.


All our help and advice is for the sake of general information. You are free to make your decisions on your own.


If you misunderstand the terms and conditions, you are liable to clarify all confusions before you place an order with us. We can not be held responsible if you fail to understand our terms and conditions.


Security is very important for both the parties involved. All the information you share with us is stored in guarded accounts to prevent it from getting misused. We have a strong security when it comes to breaches on the website.

Our Services

We offer services within legal boundaries. Our services include:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Consultancy
  • Tutorings

When using our website you are required to stay within legal bounds to prevent any distaste.

Only if you agree to all the mentioned terms and conditions, must you place an order with us.